Natural Enhancement

Fight the signs of ageing, enhance your natural beauty and reduce the appearance of fine lines by replacing lost collagen with dermal fillers.

As skin ages, the hyaluronic acid beneath its surface breaks down and causes wrinkles and unpleasant sagging. Feel younger and replace lost volume anywhere in your face to enjoy defined cheeks and lips or a softer, smoother skin tone.

At YoungOne Clinic, we carefully assess the structure of your face, before advising how to achieve the youthful look you desire. Our treatments have helped many clients enjoy the perfect Cupid’s bow, smoother cheeks or fuller lips – and we’re confident we can create the look of your dreams.

*Results may vary from person to person

Dermal & Lip Filler

Summary Of  Your Treatment

Procedure Time

30-60 minutes estimated

Back To Work

Depending on

site of injection-

6-24 hours estimated


Topical numbing cream

Full Recovery

48 hours estimated

Duration Of Results

6-24 months *


immediate visible

Frequently asked questions

How much can I charge for tiny tattoos?

The starting price of the Tiny Tattoo between $50 - $250 depending on your area and takes 15min to complete (depending on the design). YES! 50 - $150 in 15 minutes!. For me, as PMU artist Tiny Tattoos is a great way to attract new clients and multiply my revenue

I don't have any experience in tattooing. Is it really possible to learn online?

This course was created with Permanent Makeup Artist in mind! You will learn the tattooing fundamentals. You will learn the difference in needles, how to tattoo on the correct depth & technique for tiny tattoos. You will also learn about skin difference depending on body parts, how to avoid blowouts and get nice healed results.Our Curriculum is structured for all experience levels. Our unique Tiny Tattoos Training will ensure that you receive the best education available and it will greatly benefit your new career path. Join us and start earning as soon as possible!

I am not really artistic. Is it a problem?

Well actually, I will show you in Chapter 5 how to create a perfect sketch in under 20 minutes Here is what you will learn: How To Create Design Using Ipad, How To Create Font Tattoo Designs Using Ipad, Stencil Creation Manual Technique, Stencil Creation Using Printer

Do I get the certificate?

Upon completion of this class and the online training, you'll receive a certificate of attendence from our class. However, you will need to contact your local county health department for licensing & regulations in your area. Every county has different tests and requirements for artists to practice tattooing.

Do you provide support during the training?

Yes you will get 1:1 V.I.P. support where you can ask any questions you have regarding tiny tattoos directly from the experienced and successful tiny tattoo artist