Rejuvenate surrounding your mouth. Lips and the perioral area

Ever morning my client is bothered by the appearance of her Perioral area, but took her long time to try cosmetic treatment, as she worried about unnatural result. 👩🏻‍⚕️Perioral is the area immediately surrounding your mouth. Lips and the perioral area are of outstanding importance in youthful appearance, attractiveness, and beauty.

➡️The challenge to rejuvenate this area is because the causes of the problem are multifactorial. 🤓4 aspects to the aging perioral region:

1️⃣Sun damage with loss of collagen

2️⃣Loss of bone and support structure,

3️⃣Line and wrinkles from the orbicularis muscle

4️⃣pigment changes from photodamage.

💎We used 2ml dermal filler to support the perioral area, add more hydration and enhance the shape of lips. Client feels so much easier to apply make-ups, and skin feels so smooth. She is thrilled with the natural result. Of course, this is what make my job is so rewarding! Visit me at

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